Ashlynn Distillery

On a warm Friday evening (Sept 15) I visited Ashlynn Distillery for drinks and something to eat – what an excellent decision!

Ashlynn is rapidly becoming a lower-middle Bucks County ‘in spot.’ Distilling their own spirits, patrons can choose from a variety of specialty rum, bourbon, vodka, and whiskey drinks, along with a menu of attractive and delicious food choices, along with either classic rock or live music.

I arrived at 5:30 pm and found both the inside and outside seating was almost entirely taken; I was fortunate to grab the last seat at the bar. Ashlynn attracts a varied crowd ranging from mid-20’s – early 30’s couples, and the older set; avoiding a baby carriage w/grandchild, I bumped into a man my age wearing a “My son serves in the Navy”, shirt, so with my son having served 13 years as a Marine, he and his wife and I proudly chatted about our sons.

As an author and former combat journalist, of course I ordered a rum-based ‘Hemingway Masterpiece’, which was quickly served by the very competent bar staff. Professionalism and competence is clearly another of Ashlynn’s strong points; despite the busy night; bar staff Chris and Jessica, along with the wait staff, maintained their poise, their smiles, and never stopped running.

I then ordered the chicken sliders and fries, which again, despite the crowds, arrived quickly and hot. The sliders were spicy and the fries were salty and delicious.

The events Ashlynn hosts and presents are far more imaginative than the usual sports bar menu of football and/or baseball games. Instead, Ashlynn hosts events such as “Yoga & Cocktails”, and “Puptails & Cocktails” followed “Dogs on the Canal,” a dog adoption event with the Trenton Dog Shelter.

It’s these sorts of imaginative and out-of-the-ordinary events, coupled with 4-Star level food-drinks-service, that is making Ashlynn Distillery one of the premier dining and drinking establishments in Bucks County. I’ll be returning soon, and look forward to seeing you there!

Andrew Lubin

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