Onyx Real Estate Enterprises

“There’s a difference between a real estate broker and a real estate agent,” Melissa
Cofield-Johnson, founder and president of Onyx Real Estate Enterprises recently
told me. “While both are licensed to list, show, and close real estate transactions,
an agent has taken the additional courses and training needed to earn a brokers
license, that allows them to work independently, own a real estate brokerage
business, and employ agents who sell for them.”

63 N. Pennsylvania Ave
Morrisville, PA 19067
Tel: 484 225 0509
[email protected]

This is an important distinction Johnson explained. Building on a career in real
estate, Onyx is a Pennsylvania-registered brokerage based in Morrisville. She has
agents who specialize in Bucks and Chester counties, plus Greater Philadelphia.
Such geographical diversity enables Onyx to satisfy incoming buyer’s wishes to
live in city, suburban, or country-side locations. Additionally, Onyx will receive
their New Jersey brokerage license, allowing her to expand into Burlington,
Mercer, and Hunterdon counties.
The lack of available houses and apartments to rent or buy remains a challenge,
Johnson volunteered, and while mortgage rates have climbed in the past year, it
was unrealistic to expect the 2-3% mortgage rates to last indefinitely. Being pre-
qualified is a must; when looking to buy the banks and other lenders require
accurate documentation. And then you need to be able to decide quickly, before
another equally qualified buyer arrives…
Onyx also has the ability to manage properties for absentee owners, which is
helpful for those transferees who are considering returning to this area. The market
in Morrisville remains very strong; in February a home in the 3 rd Ward sold for the
highest price ever in town, and the next day a disappointed buyer unsuccessfully
offered $ 50,000 higher – sight unseen.
In this sort of market, both the buyer and seller needs to utilize the professionalism
and experience of a firm such as Onyx Real Estate Enterprises;
– Written by Andrew Lubin

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